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Suzanne’s Blade

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Oh she’s indeed a hummer. 20” from tip to tip, 5” wide. Made by hand, the sheath body is Elk rawhide, wool trade cloth with glass seed bead embroidery. Upper wrap is hair on cowhide with bead embroidery. Traditional work is very satisfying to me. Love the whole of it. Smells of the materials, solving the puzzle of how to blend and balance the desire for the piece to the end place of a useful and active tool. Beautiful as well as handy and handmade, unique to the blade it carries.IMG_2353


The Tutu Boys

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New Tool Box in Tutu

The Tool Box in Tutu group are dancers who have a special surprise tucked beneath there skirts. When they feel the wind in their willows anything can happen. Wiggle and sway, spinning on point, grace and charm come to light.  Various sizes, each is made from socks, stuffing , wool felt, button eyes and fancy lace or netting skirts. Maybe one of the boys is just your amusing  delight.

Humor Parlor Frog and Toad

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Piccolo (1)Migli

Picolo,  is a happy little fellow. He is 7” long. Made from lycra spandex and stuffing. His eyes are buttons and his song is somewhat like a baritone giggle. He is stalking Migly, but like many males of his species is mesmerised by her beauty. Oh my! What will the night bring? Dreams and fanciful trill and croak. Calling the lustful lover.

Migly the spotted fuzz fringe toady is 6” long. She is made from socks, stuffing and buttons for her eyes. Her soprano arias are a wonder to experience. She is rather hot to mingle with the Picolo. She vibrates her shoulder fringes which drives the boys wild.

Humor Parlor Beetle

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MEBE, she is a special species of silly beetle, Serenensis Sillifus. Made from a hand built armature. She has a shell of metallic pig suede, beaded edges and head feelers. Her legs are posable and covered in black furry material. Her upper and lower shell designs mark her as the queen of her colony. Maybe she’ll climb into your window tonight. Her antique glass button eyes see everthing.  She has a story to tell I’m sure.

Beaded stethoscopes

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Every year since the early 90’s there has been a beaded stethoscope awarded to the Nurse of the Year at St. John’s Hospital, Jackson, WY. There have been others that have traveled both near and far: Africa, Australia, Boston and New York. They are contract artwork given by a doctor in Jackson to be awarded for exemplary service. The sight of all or each of them at the hospital facility is lovely. I have heard people say how it made the experience of their medical necessity eaiser, to see this beautiful scope reaching out to touch them. It is a heart to heart connection from beginning to end. The whole cycle of its presence is a heart connection. From the hospital to the recipient to the maker of it to each patient.

There are a variety of cost factors to making one. The price range of the instrument itself, supplied by you; the style of the scope and the length of the tubing to be covered. My part, the beading, could be from $500.00 to $800.00 plus S&H. Please feel free to contact me for more information about commissioning a stethoscope.