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The Ticket Taker

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The Ticket Taker, a member of the Humor Parlor and Space Zoo. The guardian at the Pearly Gates, this being has evolved over many years. The various parts have  been, found, collected and  combined from many sources. A cast off rubber mask that has been painted and fluffed out with Bison hair at ears, eyebrows and nose holes; a rubber spider, Halloween monster gloves, cotton knit tubing. All is mounted on a large industrial strap hook found decades ago in the junk stores of Superior, Wisconsin.

You reach inside one hairy nostril to give over your ticket to ride the “Last” bus. Scary, hairy and end of the line sweet. 23” wide x 33” high. Boo!


Buried in the The Outlander Volumes

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Balls Painted Mouthing Off YES (2)I’m reading Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander/time travel series again. I find it wonderfully engaging, again.  The first 4 probably 4x now over the years, bk 5 3x, bk 6 twice, then on to the 7th and final one. The depth and description of the historical details is fabulous. Political, personal, daily life conditions, inter-personal relationships, romantic episodes, sexuality, violence of course, intrigue, all juicy and each time it draws me deep into the story.  For me, it seems to be the perfect escape tool these last couple of months.

Fine beadwork is back in front of me also. After finishing the big sphere, previously published I’m working another project that is really pleasing to me. Winding new thread balls also to begin with Temari. Have you been watching the moon and Jupiter/Venus this month? It feels very cool to me to sit at the shore here and watch them together, close, in the twilight sky. Of course catching a fly by of the Space Station is quite cool as well.

So, this sphere above is called “Mouthing Off”. Various mouths appear in all directions with YES sprinkled around. 14” diameter, sewn and Painted, stuffed with Bison Hair.  Fun and silly, perhaps some loud and cynical, uncertain expressions coming you.

Listening to Candy Dulfer jazz, great saxophone, mellow and sweet.

Gosh, now that I have a list of cool things lined up here that describe how my days are here, it’s time to planet gaze again.  jT


Temari in Variegated Wrap

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I’m finding my way in this group. All the spheres are wrapped in a multi-color thread. From a distance it appears unclear exactly what color it is. Up close it is a wonderful crossing of colored thread paths. Many similar design threads but used with different intensity makes them change aspect and appearance. Dominant becomes recessive, how cool is that? Various sizes, 2.4” dia. up to 4.5” dia.Variegated Thread Temari (1)

The Tutu Boys

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New Tool Box in Tutu

The Tool Box in Tutu group are dancers who have a special surprise tucked beneath there skirts. When they feel the wind in their willows anything can happen. Wiggle and sway, spinning on point, grace and charm come to light.  Various sizes, each is made from socks, stuffing , wool felt, button eyes and fancy lace or netting skirts. Maybe one of the boys is just your amusing  delight.

Humor Parlor Frog and Toad

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Piccolo (1)Migli

Picolo,  is a happy little fellow. He is 7” long. Made from lycra spandex and stuffing. His eyes are buttons and his song is somewhat like a baritone giggle. He is stalking Migly, but like many males of his species is mesmerised by her beauty. Oh my! What will the night bring? Dreams and fanciful trill and croak. Calling the lustful lover.

Migly the spotted fuzz fringe toady is 6” long. She is made from socks, stuffing and buttons for her eyes. Her soprano arias are a wonder to experience. She is rather hot to mingle with the Picolo. She vibrates her shoulder fringes which drives the boys wild.

Humor Parlor Beetle

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MEBE, she is a special species of silly beetle, Serenensis Sillifus. Made from a hand built armature. She has a shell of metallic pig suede, beaded edges and head feelers. Her legs are posable and covered in black furry material. Her upper and lower shell designs mark her as the queen of her colony. Maybe she’ll climb into your window tonight. Her antique glass button eyes see everthing.  She has a story to tell I’m sure.