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Temari Variation on GT 40

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IMG_2456Working on this same pattern, Temari Kai # GT 40. New palette. 45cm. circum. 5.65” dia. I widened the 1st diamond pattern to fill the under space more fully, making the stripe that passes under the upper pattern points stronger. Seeing these together really shows me how changes in color way and proportion of the individual elements can alter the finished appearance. The stitching technique of working between the laid down rows of the first pattern is a slow and painstaking one, making sure I didn’t catch any extra thread from it but did catch enough of the thread wrap to hold each stitch where I wanted it to be.

The contrasts, high and low of each palette also pushes the pattern shapes into different relationships and dominant/passive roles.  Three of these is the charm I think. Next?  On to whatever the next Temari will show itself to be.


Temari Weaving

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IMG_2285Springs pink, ochre and aqua weaving efforts came together well here. At 32 centers, 6.75” diameter, 56.5cm. circumference, her presence shines through. C 10 mark in the wide banded pentagonal grid is dominant. The triangles weave under, over and between the band bodies. A first time for me in splitting the primary bands rather than using a laid space to do so. It was inspired by Temari SJ11 from the Temari Kai pattern base.  Those 5+3 figure combinations that the C 10 mark provides seem to be an infinite source of design possibilities. The use of an ombre Nordic Gold metallic marking thread really made a wonderful sparkle as the light dances over the surface. It game me more experience using double strand #5 as well. Oh yes always learning and practicing those basic skills, using them on new and more ambitious projects. Thank you to all the Temari guides and gods for their assistance in every stitch taken.

Tri-Wing Studies

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All My Temari, 11-16-14 (3) All My Temari, 11-16-14 (8)Tri-Wing Temari forms are the current focus in my self teaching. How to plot and plan the color pallet and complexity of design is one aspect. In the learning  to do arena this medium is showing me a way that allows easy change to enter in. Nothing but flexibility when self teaching. No tried and true expert teacher tested methods to follow. Finding the way through by trial and error, while using the 40 years of experience in various other ”thread” pulling mediums, seems to be my way. Although the many 1000’s of hours now making Temari is the best teacher, I get to learn by doing and in some cases undoing what doesn’t serve my idea for a piece.

Having a present expert teacher guiding the process is something I fantasize about, thinking it would allow skipping past/over the school of hard knocks lessons. However, the self discipline that has carried me faithfully through so many things continues in it’s ever presence. Helping, guiding, telling me to listen to the inner voice, whether it’s saying great job or redo it, pull it out. Lines are too thin, too thick, to pale, too much contrast, etc. All those things are aesthetic choices that come through experience.

Stripes and stars have dominated my art work for decades and through diverse mediums so the fact that they again dominate my Temari work is no surprise. Geometric forms are the surface structure showing up as well. Temari has allowed this pathway to open up in ways I never expected when just beginning. So, whatever you’re doing, just get on with it. Play in the field of light, color and pattern.

Testy and Fun

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This new Temari is now complete. She is 51.5 cm. or 6.5” diameter. There are four patterns interwoven, working with 42 centers over all. 12 pentagon centers and 30 diamond centers. After winding the Mari and marking with a C 10, I just sat with the form wondering what to do with it. I like this stage, the asking and waiting, wondering what pattern the mind will see this time. I can most always find the pentagon magic but not so much the diamonds. Once the 2  pentagon forms were in place it would have been just as clear following the triangles into pattern. The thing I like about the diamonds is that they also suggest and hint at the cubic hexagon form also on the surface. I say testy and fun as title because from start to finish all the stages of the making process in a thread ball this big are challenging. Being self pushed to gain in confidence and skill are the guide ways, learning to see the patterns emerge without ‘outside of mind’ influence is another great progress. Every so often a particular Temari Ball will complete and it clearly shows me the course of the learning path this medium is taking me on. In the end it’s a feast of brain candy for my mind to play with, at, and in.All My Temari, Work in Progress (2)All My Temari, Work in Progress (6)

3 Views- Same Design

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2-14-14 (7)When 3 humans are all together in the same place talking around the same idea, could it possibly be as connected as this pattern is? Three versions of the same story. More or less 3.5” diameter each. I love the change in what becomes dominant.

Temari and A New Russian Friend

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All my Temari Natahlias Pattern (3) All my Temari Natahlias Pattern (4)This wonderful new Temari pattern is the product of a new connection for me. Just before Christmas I got an email from a woman in Russia complimenting and admiring my published work that she’d seen on the internet through WordPress and Flickr . Wow, so cool it blows big wind up my skirt. We have been figuring out how to continue on by cutting and pasting dialogue with google translate, sending pictures, sending links to relevant sites. I know that I am having fantasy travel plans to Central Russia to become an “artist in residence” with her. This Temari is 38cm in circumference, big and bold. As a friend just said to me, it looks like a big spider is crawling over the surface. 2 full layers of pattern make this one really hum.

New Temari Triwings and Angles

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Dec. Group  (2)Practice is a part of learning any new skill. Starting simple and gaining accomplishment. Details of technique make all the difference. How self critical are you willing to go? Not in the harsh sense but in the “what I need to know, practice, change, redo”, with the intention of perfecting ones results. Cracks in perfection are where the light spills through, and gratefully so. So again, practice, practice, practice. Different star patterns, different sizes, different divisions of surface area. Hunting for or just riding along with the strand of inspired this medium, Temari, keeps placing in my path.