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Buried in the The Outlander Volumes

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Balls Painted Mouthing Off YES (2)I’m reading Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander/time travel series again. I find it wonderfully engaging, again.  The first 4 probably 4x now over the years, bk 5 3x, bk 6 twice, then on to the 7th and final one. The depth and description of the historical details is fabulous. Political, personal, daily life conditions, inter-personal relationships, romantic episodes, sexuality, violence of course, intrigue, all juicy and each time it draws me deep into the story.  For me, it seems to be the perfect escape tool these last couple of months.

Fine beadwork is back in front of me also. After finishing the big sphere, previously published I’m working another project that is really pleasing to me. Winding new thread balls also to begin with Temari. Have you been watching the moon and Jupiter/Venus this month? It feels very cool to me to sit at the shore here and watch them together, close, in the twilight sky. Of course catching a fly by of the Space Station is quite cool as well.

So, this sphere above is called “Mouthing Off”. Various mouths appear in all directions with YES sprinkled around. 14” diameter, sewn and Painted, stuffed with Bison Hair.  Fun and silly, perhaps some loud and cynical, uncertain expressions coming you.

Listening to Candy Dulfer jazz, great saxophone, mellow and sweet.

Gosh, now that I have a list of cool things lined up here that describe how my days are here, it’s time to planet gaze again.  jT



Landscape Valance Panels

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These three panels are the first section of a new window dressing project. Each panel is 8” H x 45”  W. Made using ulta-suede, then painted with bead work tree details added to the foreground.  Rod pockets across the top of each are the hanging method which allows the whole to be one long land scape.Schuler Landscape Panels (2)Schuler Landscape Panels (1)Schuler Landscape Panels (3)

Canopy Dweller

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The newest circle painting, a Poison Dark frog flying through the philodendron canopy. 34” diameter. Small and perfect the frog seems to defy camouflage rules but I guess when your body is toxic to others, that’s quit enough.

The Curvature of Imperfection

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Geometrics again take the front line. Spring green and sky blue surround the vesicular form of the three fold goddess. A  great feeling to be playing with beads and color once more. The intense color palate excites me.

The mix of cut beads that sparkle adds a secondary visual dimension.  My hiatus into painting for the past 10 months has enlivened the color field I think. This sphere is 8” diameter. The icosahedron form is comprised of 20 equilateral triangles making a form with gentle peaks at the apex of each corner. More and more honey keeps pouring forth. My cup runneth over.

Redback Croaker

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The Redback Croaker is 19” diameter. She is a shy creature,  living quietly under the philodendron’s umbrella. Waiting , watching,  patiently motionless until the movement of her favorite dietary morsel catches her always observant eye. Yum.

Circle Painting Lotus

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The newest piece in the circle painting, Lotus, is 30” dia.  Something about pond life and timelessness, just floating, present, serene, even though all the worldly concerns try endlessly to capture our attention.                                                A simple lily is a lily is a  lily afloat above the algae bloom, glowing from sunlight through its petals. It indeed looks like every other pond lily but is perfect in its essence and unfolding. Using pink has always been challenge for me and it was with this as well. I feel more warmed by its  nature this time around. A better understanding and fit than ever before. Is it possible that moving through fear happens at every level? This was an aspect of it for me. Then again, publishing  my art work for all to see and enjoy has pushed me to know my self  more deeply at every level.

Sea Portal- Listening to Walela

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With her breath she made the world. While moving through my murky mire this past month something wonderful popped through to the surface. A bit of joy and humor to salve the weary spirit.  A 48” diameter bubble of light now shines into all the dark corners. May you each know joy and wonder in the New Year. Judy