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Solstice Temari Light

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A sparkle and glow lights up the longest night. The final ball using the Pantone 2017 greenery is a combination of several layers. At 35.5 cm it has some presence. I like the green on green. It reflects the winters’ greenery all around me. A soft sheen of paleness wedded to the dark matte Earthy forests.

The variegated wrap of the party ball holds the metallic bands in tow. At 38cm it will sparkle most delightfully in the seasons’ twinkling lights. Solstice, dark and light; but of course. Hope your season is full of friends,  joy and reflection.


Solstice 2015

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A line from a movie I watched recently keeps running through my brain. ”I love my life, I regret my life, eventually all the lines blur into it’s just my life”. The character in “Match” is speaking to someone who wants him to face a big, life altering decision he made 30 years prior, admitting he’s a major chump for taking that action then. I really like his response. 30 years ago is very much past tense,  too long ago to drag that baggage any further or refresh it again. Does it mean the action was meaningless in the past? No. But for today, here and now, it has become “just my life”, not really good-bad any longer. Perhaps not  anyone else’s business any longer either.

Maybe it’s the human dilemma factor. Our species does like to drag out laying blame, indefinitely if possible. Refusing forgiveness whenever holding on is thought more juicy and dramatic or just simply letting stuff go.

Dark night, brilliant sunset. Dormant hibernation reigns supreme, yet it holds the spark needed to rekindle new beginnings.

Brilliant Fall Display

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painting_orcas_maple-full1This beaded painted opened in a show Friday evening. The Edge of Orcas, a mixed group of people showing their work. The event has been a popular and interesting experience each October for several years now. It’s really fun and exciting  when many talented artists  gather together to show new work. Pieces that may not ”fit” their known or expected directions. There’s always a buzz in the room and this year was full of expectation and humor and delight.

The Orcas Big Leaf Maple was one of two pieces I brought to the show. It begins at a single bead point several inches above the stem; then the circular rows grow as colors and changes of color develop. It’s an interesting process to see only what’s already ‘done’ as the guide, trusting in the eye and skills to keep the new territories of it in focus. Framed in a rich deep red brushed metal that really makes the whole pop against the turquoise, it pleases me in every way.  I hope the magic and mystery of Fall Season circles around you and lifts you up.

Retreat With Ram Dass and Friends

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Painting in the Round Lotus (2)My online retreat with Ram Dass and friends is here with me. I’ve come away with some lines of dialogue and sharing that help me and focus me to “ponder the infinite”. My lists begins below. What do you connect with?

The absence of something is also the presence of the same something…

Stirring the ashes, literally and spiritually

Pathological Altruism

the real death is the death of ego, so relax….

A reluctant prophet of love…

I am loving awareness…

radical not knowingness…inevitable sweetness…

deep acceptance of impermanence

do your best with no attachment to outcome

don’t believe everything I/you think

not this, not that, not neither, not both…

become the loving rock

what you seek is seeking you

I’m still here…

when you die, before you die, you do not die, when you die

the power of being perceived as who I really am

Love Serve Remember,


North Beach Storm Color Palette Temari

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IMG_1672Newest Temari group color palette arrived with a recent storm here on the island. Lots of debris blown ashore that isn’t common to my beach front. The clouds cleared off showing a pale turquoise sky, the waters below still churning were blues and greens. The varied beach debris was so thick and varied in browns and yellows and soft golds that it was a whole tapestry. And, voila! a color palette was born. I love the way each pattern sets up the colors and how each accents the drama with it’s own unique forms.

Dandelion Fever’s Relapse

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IMG_1630Several new additions to the Dandelion Fever group since it’s spring time beginnings.  Now that the seasons turned again to fall and winter those brilliant shinning globes of yellow dazzle are a memory until the spring.  Seasons pass with their signals even in this ”temperate” climate.  The green on green is what I see wherever I look here. Every  forest holds so many different varieties of this singular color.  Perhaps even to the infinite counting.IMG_1632

Springs Bounty

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IMG_1437Its a party of color and pattern pouring through with the new growth of spring time. I watched several crows pull earth worms from the soil today. Amusing and wondrous how they persist at this engagement, stretching and pulling until the whole squiggly creature pops free, is gobbled up, and a loud squawking to announce success is shared. On to the next luscious treat.

I placed some artwork before the public this month as well. A new group show at Jansen Art Center in Lynden, WA. An amazing center for the arts located in a small community near the Canadian boarder crossing here. I’m pleased and honored to be invited and included in this group of exciting artists.