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Contour Stars Stitch-along

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IMG_2034 IMG_2038I  learned this new Temari pattern participating with an online group called Talk Temari Stitch-along. I lusted for the knowing how-to’s of this pattern from my first attempts with the Temari medium. A big stretch in my skills at every level. The basic stitching is just one stage, the even more essential stage to me is the grooming of all those thread passes. Center by center, several different times in the course of the pattern gently shifting and adjusting, it became almost a meditation in itself.

I am quite certain that this readiness and willingness to slowly move over the surface gently tending where needed is a good skill to keep in my mind no matter what is before me.

Temari’s Rainbow Parasols

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IMG_2029The parasols pattern in this Temari are shown in a Diana Vandervoort book. 4.68” diameter. I’ve looked at and passed by this design many times the past few years.  All of a sudden it took center stage after a new bright red ‘mari’ was sitting on my work table, ready for something. Each one of 12 centers has a different combination. That element alone was exciting, seeing how the same 7 colors changed as each one progressed. The black dots at the centers and at each spoke really made the pattern. The dominant yellow rings also described each one well. The simple repetition of one stitch repeated from center to perimeter with the spoke arms developing along the way really is lovely.


Temari’s Many Pillows

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IMG_2024 IMG_2026Simple Division, many centers. 6” diameter “Pillows”, linked up, chained together. Such a simple little form. Looking through Diana Vandervoort’s Temari Gifts book I found the pillows form. Multiplied and chained together they become a lovely pattern and design. And, oh yes, there are many ‘irregularities’ in each ones shape. Those irregularities are part and parcel of hand work, at least for me. I love the N-S poles star that joins them together in a complete net. My western mindset argues that each center must be a perfect match to every other, while my wholeness mindset posets that it’s the cracks showing up that are where the light shines through.  This age old dilemma repeatedly shows up in my life’s experience. How about yours?

Temari Study Group

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All My Temari, Kiku Variations Study (3)This study group with the folks at Talk Temari has been great. It is pushing me to look at a stitch I’ve been  using in a whole different way. I like the variations and the results and will be using them in my new work. I think the idea of looking at the same thing, the familiar, using  ‘new eyes’  has application to just about everything I do.  So,  when I’m looking straight at what I want to find and just can’t see it, this small wise teaching will hopefully jump front and center to remind me that it’s all there before me if I look with new eyes. All My Temari, Kiku Variations Study (2)

Temari Pinks & Greens

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IMG_1722Healing colors appeared in my field during a run of emotional-spiritual trugging during January-February. Slog, slog, slog. That’s what it felt like. Little brightness in any direction. Physical body issues as well. All in all a humbling month or so. Just trying to feel I was keeping myself above the water line. The life saver was somehow being able to remain centered in this amazing art form. 3.75 to 6+ inches diameter. Layers and interwoven layers, complexity to my heart’s content.

A survival tool is this needlework form, at least for me. All else may seem nothing short of difficult and bleak, then there is this drive from the inner director to engage in art no matter what else is going on. That is my center point. This round and every other period of floundering has at the core the means of new movement. Temari has carried me through all the messy parts of being alive, in  previous rounds of confused wandering other art mediums have done the same for me. I am grateful for this life saver which shows up in whatever form just when needed. Any gaps are due to me not yet ready to step out of the wallow.

Temari and Those C8 Corners and Angles

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All My Temari C8 Corners and Angles (2)Yes the patterns are the same, working diamonds, squares and triangles. 3 patterns over 22 centers, striped bands in layers and inter-woven forms, allowing the matte thread surface to make an additional color accent. 3.75” to 4.13” diameter. Puzzles and tangles are quite familiar territory for me over the last few months. The under surface of things is a good bit tangled and ”matted” while the finer surface of the top layer is in order and appears to the eye orderly and ‘together’. Um, yes, that about covers it. The tightly matted under structure, lines going every which way is the best foundation in Temari but in life it feels rather uncertain for me.

The whole appears to be insync and yet something foggy lingers around all the corners and angles. That’s about it for life these days at my party. Perhaps I’m stuck in a box that has the idea that something certain and identifiable is always on the table. Then when it’s not any of those things, how can I know what’s coming next.  Or do I want to know? Or, since uncertainty is the pool we all swim in, why allow the ‘stuckness’ to grab hold? Or, just enjoy the ride, the peaks and the valleys? The endless loop, yes?

Fire and Ice in Winter’s Darkness

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All My Temari Fire and Ice (1)Winter, dark and grey outside, sideways rain quite often. A burning hearth with crackling sounds coming through my computer screen. Somehow that ”real” glow of the video fire started me down the path to ”Fire and Ice” a series of Temari. Ranging in size from 3” diameter up to 6.5” diameter. Temari is my life support, even when nothing else stands out in the passing of the last several months, it carries my spirit and the days.