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Circle Painting Lotus

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The newest piece in the circle painting, Lotus, is 30” dia.  Something about pond life and timelessness, just floating, present, serene, even though all the worldly concerns try endlessly to capture our attention.                                                A simple lily is a lily is a  lily afloat above the algae bloom, glowing from sunlight through its petals. It indeed looks like every other pond lily but is perfect in its essence and unfolding. Using pink has always been challenge for me and it was with this as well. I feel more warmed by its  nature this time around. A better understanding and fit than ever before. Is it possible that moving through fear happens at every level? This was an aspect of it for me. Then again, publishing  my art work for all to see and enjoy has pushed me to know my self  more deeply at every level.


Sea Portal- Listening to Walela

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With her breath she made the world. While moving through my murky mire this past month something wonderful popped through to the surface. A bit of joy and humor to salve the weary spirit.  A 48” diameter bubble of light now shines into all the dark corners. May you each know joy and wonder in the New Year. Judy

Circle Painting 8 Mid-night Sun

Posted in Artwork with tags , , , , , , , , , , on November 11, 2010 by starhandarts

One of my night time walks last summer found me gazing at the brilliant dazzle of this wonder. Dream walks that is. When the moon is dark and the garden calls, magic is afoot. Its taken some months of wandering on a path I thought was straight and fairly simple.  It turns out there were some twists and turns for me.  Just follow the muse, and allow, allow, allow the magic to unfold before your eyes.  Listen, if I can just do that, many of my steps become clear.

Circle Paintings IRIS 7

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Pat's Garden

Pat's Garden

The newest member of the Painting in the Round Series, IRIS, has been a challenge to my learning curve. Working from a photograph I took earlier this summer in Pat’s garden, I thought it would be exact in it’s details, however my skills with brush and technique are the area of deepest learning. Very quickly I realized that the surreal was pushing  through. Well I do love the contrast between the starkness of blossom and the fizzy green ground cover,  learning to allow the fire of inspiration to direct the whole rather than over critical mind talk has given me treasure.

Circle Painting 6

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The triple floral piece is 25” diameter, painted with acrylics on a synthetic canvas over a round frame. Similar yet varied faces on the outside, the internal or unseen landscape knows no division through details. A lot like life, don’t ya know.

Structure-Form- Balance

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The number 6 has to do with structure, form, function, balance in all things. Union.  As above-so below. Found repeatedly throughout the natural world. I love the whirling stars design, also the space between them. This could be  the infinite space that surrounds us all. Is it philosophy, mathematics or science? All three in union is my thought.

LUCRE: The Search for Perfection

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Circle Painting #3, 22” dia. Lucre or gain in the ever lasting search for the perfect hand pulled brush stroke. How much perfection is enough? Where is the line? Who established the criteria that determines this line? Did the criteria change when machines began to paint rather than the Human Being?  I’ve learned at times the hard way that me, myself and I, are the only worthy judge of where that line is for me.