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Temari Coral Challenge

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This is my 4th Temari using the Pantone 2019 Color of the Year. Mixing it up with colors that vibrate very nicely. The very fine metallic braid, from Kreinik, was fabulous. It carries a bit of all the colors  but it’s fineness doesn’t overpower with too much sparkle. At 52 cm. this 32 face Temari has big presence. Several ‘entangled’ patterns make up the finished design. It came about layer by layer rather than a plan from the start. I’ve worked like this before and find it suits me well. Just beginning with the first lines I see floating over the surface. when that first pattern is set down on the surface then I look further to see what could tie the 2nd pattern to the 1st. On an on depending on how the arrangement of design elements come together.



Temari Curved Stitching

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I’ve been teaching myself and exploring this technique for the past year. I have been seeing many examples of the technique in online shows. There are some basic elements that come from the field of mathematics. Parabola’s and astroids being the makeup of most. Some forms are individual, some mirror each other. We all recognize ”String Art” designs and this techniques follows that avenue as well. All the curves are the result of how the straight lines are combined.  It’s a simple stitch really but the combinations and arrangements of elements, how color is used and how many faces each ball receives has everything to do with the outcome. The members of this grouping are all from 41 to 50 cm. circumference. They are stitched with #8 perle cotton. The self imposed challenge for the grouping was to use a very limited palette and to recombine the basic elements in arrangements I hadn’t seen anywhere else. The starkness of this color group really challenged my love of the broad spectrum colors, however, limiting the palette was a great teaching tool for me. . Simple divisions, C 8, C 10, they each work wonderfully. They all require added support lines. What was most interesting is that a white mari using black thread appears very differently than the same design using a black mari and white thread.

Oh yes, size does matter! But then I’ve prefered making larger sphere’s from the beginning. Big girl balls have so much more presence.

Another wonderful aspect of this design study has been an online connection with a Temari friend from Australia. We have Temari in common, this technique in particular we have pursued together and the mutual benefit has been remarkable. It is a complete pleasure to share the why’s and whatfore’s, good grief moments, successes and redo event’s we’ve each had along the way. I feel as though without her support and input along this path I’d never have stuck with the learning curve.

Temari in Ultraviolet, Safflower

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She’s big and beautiful at 45 cm. This ball is the January Temari Challenge project called, Safflower. This mentoring group is a wonderful and ”instructive island”. I started this project with the purpose of learning more advanced techniques and using a smaller thread. Both these areas make me doubt myself in several ways. Those being the advancement of skills and techniques beyond where my comfort level is snugged in. The ultraviolet color way is a continuing direction this year. It’s a great challenge in and of itself as it’s not a go to color for me. All this and more is why I like this group and having a mentoring format to work with, a place of openess,  encouragement and generosity. True delight in the learning by doing atmosphere that is offered.

Learning to read and puzzle  out what is actually happening and how it does so when the design direction is written in Japanese. Understanding line,  proportion and construction as well how color translates is huge. Trying different thread size and behavior is a welcome addition to the skills bag. Guess what? The smaller guage thread used in this manner is wonderful. 

Temari’s Rainbow Parasols

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IMG_2029The parasols pattern in this Temari are shown in a Diana Vandervoort book. 4.68” diameter. I’ve looked at and passed by this design many times the past few years.  All of a sudden it took center stage after a new bright red ‘mari’ was sitting on my work table, ready for something. Each one of 12 centers has a different combination. That element alone was exciting, seeing how the same 7 colors changed as each one progressed. The black dots at the centers and at each spoke really made the pattern. The dominant yellow rings also described each one well. The simple repetition of one stitch repeated from center to perimeter with the spoke arms developing along the way really is lovely.


Tri-Wing Mother Ball & Friends

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IMG_1668IMG_1669The biggest Tri-wing @ 51.2 cm, 6.5” diameter. I’m pleased from all directions with this mother ball. Outward appearance  has balance between size and complexity, color relationships are just right to my eye, the increased use of the shiny threads comes from looking at my Japanese Temari Books and seeing the consistent and plentiful use of the metallic threads. So, I’m now bolder with the shiny stuff, and I like it! Very cool.

The strong glowing yellow base color was a treat to work with. I like to see one pattern floating over an entirely separate and different pattern and this combination does so beautifully.

One of the Temari must-do’s, that of grooming threads as I go and again after I complete is now a step that just happens. In the group picture above there are Tri-Wing forms from the past 3 years, so there are those places where I didn’t know or do so. Now I see a division in skill and results. Those worked ”before” and those “after” bonding with grooming.

There are C8’s, C6’s and C12 in the shown work here. What a diverse creature this design with 3 arms turns out to be.

Tri-Wing Studies

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All My Temari, 11-16-14 (3) All My Temari, 11-16-14 (8)Tri-Wing Temari forms are the current focus in my self teaching. How to plot and plan the color pallet and complexity of design is one aspect. In the learning  to do arena this medium is showing me a way that allows easy change to enter in. Nothing but flexibility when self teaching. No tried and true expert teacher tested methods to follow. Finding the way through by trial and error, while using the 40 years of experience in various other ”thread” pulling mediums, seems to be my way. Although the many 1000’s of hours now making Temari is the best teacher, I get to learn by doing and in some cases undoing what doesn’t serve my idea for a piece.

Having a present expert teacher guiding the process is something I fantasize about, thinking it would allow skipping past/over the school of hard knocks lessons. However, the self discipline that has carried me faithfully through so many things continues in it’s ever presence. Helping, guiding, telling me to listen to the inner voice, whether it’s saying great job or redo it, pull it out. Lines are too thin, too thick, to pale, too much contrast, etc. All those things are aesthetic choices that come through experience.

Stripes and stars have dominated my art work for decades and through diverse mediums so the fact that they again dominate my Temari work is no surprise. Geometric forms are the surface structure showing up as well. Temari has allowed this pathway to open up in ways I never expected when just beginning. So, whatever you’re doing, just get on with it. Play in the field of light, color and pattern.

Paired Up Difference

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IMG_1375 IMG_1374I like the differences that are showing up here. Each pair is using the same Temari pattern but each one has a new color palate. The major structural lines, planes and divisions show up in entirely different ways. Some different things become dominant for each one. It is a reminder for me to keep on playing with this medium until my ”knowing” with certainty what sizes and structures and color ways will do to the change the outcome. I have to wonder if I will ever feel that sense of control over outcome, or if it’s even important.

Isn’t that the mystery? The fun? The land of discovery at it’s essence? It is also true that the more and deeper I dive into this medium the more it excites me. What a marvelous gift that is. With each Temari ball a new pathway into color, structure, puzzle solving and quiet mind. A gentle and sweet labor of the spheres.

3 Views- Same Design

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2-14-14 (7)When 3 humans are all together in the same place talking around the same idea, could it possibly be as connected as this pattern is? Three versions of the same story. More or less 3.5” diameter each. I love the change in what becomes dominant.

Temari and A New Russian Friend

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All my Temari Natahlias Pattern (3) All my Temari Natahlias Pattern (4)This wonderful new Temari pattern is the product of a new connection for me. Just before Christmas I got an email from a woman in Russia complimenting and admiring my published work that she’d seen on the internet through WordPress and Flickr . Wow, so cool it blows big wind up my skirt. We have been figuring out how to continue on by cutting and pasting dialogue with google translate, sending pictures, sending links to relevant sites. I know that I am having fantasy travel plans to Central Russia to become an “artist in residence” with her. This Temari is 38cm in circumference, big and bold. As a friend just said to me, it looks like a big spider is crawling over the surface. 2 full layers of pattern make this one really hum.

New Temari Triwings and Angles

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Dec. Group  (2)Practice is a part of learning any new skill. Starting simple and gaining accomplishment. Details of technique make all the difference. How self critical are you willing to go? Not in the harsh sense but in the “what I need to know, practice, change, redo”, with the intention of perfecting ones results. Cracks in perfection are where the light spills through, and gratefully so. So again, practice, practice, practice. Different star patterns, different sizes, different divisions of surface area. Hunting for or just riding along with the strand of inspired this medium, Temari, keeps placing in my path.