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The Visionary

The Visionary

The Visionary Mask is new. 36” h x 18” w x 5” d.  Very nicely 3d.  Assorted mixed media, painted and hand sewn. The main features of this piece have been gathering for exposure some years now. The tubing and it’s iron strap armature were made and combined probably 30 years ago in another life. The mask came maybe 15 years later. 5 years ago pawing through my working materials the tubing and mask joined together to hang on the wall for 5 more years.   3 weeks ago , once again pawing through, the rubber monster gloves, the spider, some paint and Bison hair jumped up and said pick me and finish it!  So I did!  It’s first showing is in the Edge of Orcas group show here on the island, entertaining the masses so I hear. Coolness.

I’ve wondered for some years now, what a Visionary is. Is it looking in for focus or looking out for expansion? Is it the far-seeing view or the close detail? A bit of a conundrum, indeed.


The Tutu Boys

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New Tool Box in Tutu

The Tool Box in Tutu group are dancers who have a special surprise tucked beneath there skirts. When they feel the wind in their willows anything can happen. Wiggle and sway, spinning on point, grace and charm come to light.  Various sizes, each is made from socks, stuffing , wool felt, button eyes and fancy lace or netting skirts. Maybe one of the boys is just your amusing  delight.

Humor Parlor Frog and Toad

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Piccolo (1)Migli

Picolo,  is a happy little fellow. He is 7” long. Made from lycra spandex and stuffing. His eyes are buttons and his song is somewhat like a baritone giggle. He is stalking Migly, but like many males of his species is mesmerised by her beauty. Oh my! What will the night bring? Dreams and fanciful trill and croak. Calling the lustful lover.

Migly the spotted fuzz fringe toady is 6” long. She is made from socks, stuffing and buttons for her eyes. Her soprano arias are a wonder to experience. She is rather hot to mingle with the Picolo. She vibrates her shoulder fringes which drives the boys wild.

Humor Parlor Beetle

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MEBE, she is a special species of silly beetle, Serenensis Sillifus. Made from a hand built armature. She has a shell of metallic pig suede, beaded edges and head feelers. Her legs are posable and covered in black furry material. Her upper and lower shell designs mark her as the queen of her colony. Maybe she’ll climb into your window tonight. Her antique glass button eyes see everthing.  She has a story to tell I’m sure.

New Space Zoo Creatures

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New Zoo Group

After being in retreat for some time the Creatures are peeking out again from their cave. Several species of frogs have landed and more natives of the ”Tool Box in Tutu” series. They’re happy and silly, bright and amusing, and pleasantly irreverent.

The Space Zoo

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funny little creatures

Funny Little Creatures – Winner of the 2008 Parents Choice Awards

Funny Little Creatures, the new children’s CD published by my dear friend Hans Mayer has the Space Zoo Creatures as its cover art and inside jacket art. When I decided to settle on Orcas Island in November of 2005, I arrived here without my working art materials. To entertain myself while waiting for all my worldly goods to arrive I started making small sock figures. Each is unique, and made from socks, buttons, wool felt, poly-fill stuffing and humor. Hand made one at a time, they are simple and funny and full of the easy humor that lurks in the deep regions of my mind. After several weeks of the little zoo multiplying and taking up residence in the home of Hans and Carol he started writing the title song of the CD. Now many months and many new creatures later there is a finished CD. You can go to his web site Hans and take a look. There is an abundance of wonderful choices to look at in the children’s music section as well as the big kids section. Full of great lyrics, harmonies, and instrumentals, each choice is wonderful.

The Space Zoo Creatures are made from socks, wool felt, buttons and stuffing. They are silly and a bit alien, and their soft squezziness and humor make them ideal to cheer you up. Their sizes range from 8″ up to about 14″. They began their dance with me after I moved to Orcas Island, Wa. They simply began to poor out of the place I call my humor parlor. Enjoy

Copar – sold, Wiso 14″, $25 Ergoo – sold

Bibo-sold Saywa 15″, $25 Crux 15″, $30

Zetor 14″, $30 Bugz – sold Fuza 13″, $25

Barbo 15″, $25 Sixx 13″, $30 Asboc-sold

Coney-sold Pinky – sold, $25 Bleuu 14″, $30