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Temari Coral Challenge

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This is my 4th Temari using the Pantone 2019 Color of the Year. Mixing it up with colors that vibrate very nicely. The very fine metallic braid, from Kreinik, was fabulous. It carries a bit of all the colors  but it’s fineness doesn’t overpower with too much sparkle. At 52 cm. this 32 face Temari has big presence. Several ‘entangled’ patterns make up the finished design. It came about layer by layer rather than a plan from the start. I’ve worked like this before and find it suits me well. Just beginning with the first lines I see floating over the surface. when that first pattern is set down on the surface then I look further to see what could tie the 2nd pattern to the 1st. On an on depending on how the arrangement of design elements come together.



Temari Curved Stitching

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I’ve been teaching myself and exploring this technique for the past year. I have been seeing many examples of the technique in online shows. There are some basic elements that come from the field of mathematics. Parabola’s and astroids being the makeup of most. Some forms are individual, some mirror each other. We all recognize ”String Art” designs and this techniques follows that avenue as well. All the curves are the result of how the straight lines are combined.  It’s a simple stitch really but the combinations and arrangements of elements, how color is used and how many faces each ball receives has everything to do with the outcome. The members of this grouping are all from 41 to 50 cm. circumference. They are stitched with #8 perle cotton. The self imposed challenge for the grouping was to use a very limited palette and to recombine the basic elements in arrangements I hadn’t seen anywhere else. The starkness of this color group really challenged my love of the broad spectrum colors, however, limiting the palette was a great teaching tool for me. . Simple divisions, C 8, C 10, they each work wonderfully. They all require added support lines. What was most interesting is that a white mari using black thread appears very differently than the same design using a black mari and white thread.

Oh yes, size does matter! But then I’ve prefered making larger sphere’s from the beginning. Big girl balls have so much more presence.

Another wonderful aspect of this design study has been an online connection with a Temari friend from Australia. We have Temari in common, this technique in particular we have pursued together and the mutual benefit has been remarkable. It is a complete pleasure to share the why’s and whatfore’s, good grief moments, successes and redo event’s we’ve each had along the way. I feel as though without her support and input along this path I’d never have stuck with the learning curve.

Solstice Temari Light

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A sparkle and glow lights up the longest night. The final ball using the Pantone 2017 greenery is a combination of several layers. At 35.5 cm it has some presence. I like the green on green. It reflects the winters’ greenery all around me. A soft sheen of paleness wedded to the dark matte Earthy forests.

The variegated wrap of the party ball holds the metallic bands in tow. At 38cm it will sparkle most delightfully in the seasons’ twinkling lights. Solstice, dark and light; but of course. Hope your season is full of friends,  joy and reflection.

Brilliant Fall Display

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painting_orcas_maple-full1This beaded painted opened in a show Friday evening. The Edge of Orcas, a mixed group of people showing their work. The event has been a popular and interesting experience each October for several years now. It’s really fun and exciting  when many talented artists  gather together to show new work. Pieces that may not ”fit” their known or expected directions. There’s always a buzz in the room and this year was full of expectation and humor and delight.

The Orcas Big Leaf Maple was one of two pieces I brought to the show. It begins at a single bead point several inches above the stem; then the circular rows grow as colors and changes of color develop. It’s an interesting process to see only what’s already ‘done’ as the guide, trusting in the eye and skills to keep the new territories of it in focus. Framed in a rich deep red brushed metal that really makes the whole pop against the turquoise, it pleases me in every way.  I hope the magic and mystery of Fall Season circles around you and lifts you up.

Tri-Wing Studies

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All My Temari, 11-16-14 (3) All My Temari, 11-16-14 (8)Tri-Wing Temari forms are the current focus in my self teaching. How to plot and plan the color pallet and complexity of design is one aspect. In the learning  to do arena this medium is showing me a way that allows easy change to enter in. Nothing but flexibility when self teaching. No tried and true expert teacher tested methods to follow. Finding the way through by trial and error, while using the 40 years of experience in various other ”thread” pulling mediums, seems to be my way. Although the many 1000’s of hours now making Temari is the best teacher, I get to learn by doing and in some cases undoing what doesn’t serve my idea for a piece.

Having a present expert teacher guiding the process is something I fantasize about, thinking it would allow skipping past/over the school of hard knocks lessons. However, the self discipline that has carried me faithfully through so many things continues in it’s ever presence. Helping, guiding, telling me to listen to the inner voice, whether it’s saying great job or redo it, pull it out. Lines are too thin, too thick, to pale, too much contrast, etc. All those things are aesthetic choices that come through experience.

Stripes and stars have dominated my art work for decades and through diverse mediums so the fact that they again dominate my Temari work is no surprise. Geometric forms are the surface structure showing up as well. Temari has allowed this pathway to open up in ways I never expected when just beginning. So, whatever you’re doing, just get on with it. Play in the field of light, color and pattern.

July’s Beauty Balls

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All My Temari 2014 (3)Make art, stay alive, smoodge all the remaining details of living. Seems like that’s just enough.

June’s Bounty Carries Tender Mercies.

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IMG_1530The joy of creating is the ”medium” in which life flows for me. Fine needlework has guided my days for most of my life. It’s form has changed every so often but pulling that  simple needle and thread by hand  has been the constant. This past month has been full of not only new and gorgeous Temari but once again working around and through very tender emotional pools. Old and new have been mixing together and I now know that “loss is loss is loss”. There is no better or worse to it, no separation by which one has more importance or another  is more juicy. The heart aches period.  Sometimes the brightest lights dim and move beyond our daily here and now of  holding them close. There are so many ways that deep and profound love shows up, trying to make definitions about what it actually is becomes a pointless exercise. So, for all the beings, two legged and four legged who brought  joy along with them as they blended into my days, my gratitude in the knowing of each of you is endless. You will be missed and yet never really gone. My mind has many ”snapshots” of moments that can move me from laughter to tears and back again to laughter. Doesn’t yours?

Temari, More Variegation.

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These are the latest Temari, they are  playing with variegated thread wrap and making the patterns at the poles compete for dominance on the larger one at 3.25” dia.  It was an interesting challenge and in person it works. Photographing  3 dimensional work is itself a challenge.  The red 8 pt. star clearly moves forward but with the slightest change in light and position the yellow underneath it is dominant. Cool. The smaller on the right is 2.5” dia. and laid on one row at a time over each center which forms the conjunction of diamonds at each intersection. Geometry, light and dark, pattern and line is intrinsic to Temari and a joy to play with.
All My Temari 1-5-13 (1)All My Temari 1-5-13 (3)


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Every moment of experience is contingent on a vast complex of myriad conditions. Nothing exists in and of itself as ‘this’ or ‘that,’ ‘self’ or ‘other.’ Everything is what it is only in relation to what it is not. To recognize this emptiness is not to negate things but to glimpse what enables anything to happen at all.

– Stephen Batchelor, “Nagarjuna’s Verses

I have a friend who sent me this quote recently. She sat holding and contemplating her new Temari.  We met through a mutual friend who has suggested contact for years now. It is an interesting mesh work of complexity that peoples lives come into intersection. As the lines of Temari intersect at certain points across each sphere certain patterns begin to show up. Each designs complex and complete features are contingent upon what you have done just before and just after the moment that stands present. Oh gosh, philosophy along with needlework. 
Variegated Thread Temari (5)
the Center”

Temari in Variegated Wrap

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I’m finding my way in this group. All the spheres are wrapped in a multi-color thread. From a distance it appears unclear exactly what color it is. Up close it is a wonderful crossing of colored thread paths. Many similar design threads but used with different intensity makes them change aspect and appearance. Dominant becomes recessive, how cool is that? Various sizes, 2.4” dia. up to 4.5” dia.Variegated Thread Temari (1)