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July’s Beauty Balls

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All My Temari 2014 (3)Make art, stay alive, smoodge all the remaining details of living. Seems like that’s just enough.


Temari just keep’s pouring through!

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IMG_1439More and more, bigger. Hot colors and cool, there is an unlimited nature to this medium. Definitely pushing the limits of hand held winding. But oh golly gee, I love the presence of the bigger sphere’s. That alone will push me to solve the formation problems. Anybody out there who can help me figure out how to wind the big thread balls? I see them in the photo collections of Japanese shows but nobody I’ve asked about this has any ideas. Do you?

Temari, More Variegation.

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These are the latest Temari, they are  playing with variegated thread wrap and making the patterns at the poles compete for dominance on the larger one at 3.25” dia.  It was an interesting challenge and in person it works. Photographing  3 dimensional work is itself a challenge.  The red 8 pt. star clearly moves forward but with the slightest change in light and position the yellow underneath it is dominant. Cool. The smaller on the right is 2.5” dia. and laid on one row at a time over each center which forms the conjunction of diamonds at each intersection. Geometry, light and dark, pattern and line is intrinsic to Temari and a joy to play with.
All My Temari 1-5-13 (1)All My Temari 1-5-13 (3)


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Every moment of experience is contingent on a vast complex of myriad conditions. Nothing exists in and of itself as ‘this’ or ‘that,’ ‘self’ or ‘other.’ Everything is what it is only in relation to what it is not. To recognize this emptiness is not to negate things but to glimpse what enables anything to happen at all.

– Stephen Batchelor, “Nagarjuna’s Verses

I have a friend who sent me this quote recently. She sat holding and contemplating her new Temari.  We met through a mutual friend who has suggested contact for years now. It is an interesting mesh work of complexity that peoples lives come into intersection. As the lines of Temari intersect at certain points across each sphere certain patterns begin to show up. Each designs complex and complete features are contingent upon what you have done just before and just after the moment that stands present. Oh gosh, philosophy along with needlework. 
Variegated Thread Temari (5)
the Center”

Temari in Variegated Wrap

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I’m finding my way in this group. All the spheres are wrapped in a multi-color thread. From a distance it appears unclear exactly what color it is. Up close it is a wonderful crossing of colored thread paths. Many similar design threads but used with different intensity makes them change aspect and appearance. Dominant becomes recessive, how cool is that? Various sizes, 2.4” dia. up to 4.5” dia.Variegated Thread Temari (1)

Temari In Pink

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The challenge of working with pink. It is almost an alien color to me. Low on my list of yummy colors,  at least partly due to family history and relationships I believe. Seems like every so often I have this urge to confront the pink blockage I guess. Well, I love this one as all the rest of them. 4.5” diameter it has a grand presence.  The color field works and even my own jaded pink history has to love the piece. Whether or not it heals anything of familial qualities has yet to be seen.  Now that would be a great therapeutic technique I think. A whole new arena of study.  Make eye candy and brain toys, voila, the rest is history. Yes!

Canopy Dweller

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The newest circle painting, a Poison Dark frog flying through the philodendron canopy. 34” diameter. Small and perfect the frog seems to defy camouflage rules but I guess when your body is toxic to others, that’s quit enough.