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Solstice 2015

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A line from a movie I watched recently keeps running through my brain. ”I love my life, I regret my life, eventually all the lines blur into it’s just my life”. The character in “Match” is speaking to someone who wants him to face a big, life altering decision he made 30 years prior, admitting he’s a major chump for taking that action then. I really like his response. 30 years ago is very much past tense,  too long ago to drag that baggage any further or refresh it again. Does it mean the action was meaningless in the past? No. But for today, here and now, it has become “just my life”, not really good-bad any longer. Perhaps not  anyone else’s business any longer either.

Maybe it’s the human dilemma factor. Our species does like to drag out laying blame, indefinitely if possible. Refusing forgiveness whenever holding on is thought more juicy and dramatic or just simply letting stuff go.

Dark night, brilliant sunset. Dormant hibernation reigns supreme, yet it holds the spark needed to rekindle new beginnings.


Brilliant Fall Display

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painting_orcas_maple-full1This beaded painted opened in a show Friday evening. The Edge of Orcas, a mixed group of people showing their work. The event has been a popular and interesting experience each October for several years now. It’s really fun and exciting  when many talented artists  gather together to show new work. Pieces that may not ”fit” their known or expected directions. There’s always a buzz in the room and this year was full of expectation and humor and delight.

The Orcas Big Leaf Maple was one of two pieces I brought to the show. It begins at a single bead point several inches above the stem; then the circular rows grow as colors and changes of color develop. It’s an interesting process to see only what’s already ‘done’ as the guide, trusting in the eye and skills to keep the new territories of it in focus. Framed in a rich deep red brushed metal that really makes the whole pop against the turquoise, it pleases me in every way.  I hope the magic and mystery of Fall Season circles around you and lifts you up.

Bright Colors in December

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12-16-13 TemariThe long darkness of winter is here. 4:30, the light goes on and the fun begins. Making Temari in brilliant pallets is a smashing way to open the evening.  Indulging this completely addictive art form and medium has captured me from the beginning. From winding the base ball and placing the structural grid the tickle of delight begins. Placing that first color onto the surface and letting the rest pour through is a wonderful entertainment. The rhythm and pace, the centering in on pattern, each seem to be the perfect brain gym for me.  

Temari, More Variegation.

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These are the latest Temari, they are  playing with variegated thread wrap and making the patterns at the poles compete for dominance on the larger one at 3.25” dia.  It was an interesting challenge and in person it works. Photographing  3 dimensional work is itself a challenge.  The red 8 pt. star clearly moves forward but with the slightest change in light and position the yellow underneath it is dominant. Cool. The smaller on the right is 2.5” dia. and laid on one row at a time over each center which forms the conjunction of diamonds at each intersection. Geometry, light and dark, pattern and line is intrinsic to Temari and a joy to play with.
All My Temari 1-5-13 (1)All My Temari 1-5-13 (3)

Christmas Day Temari

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Collages1Let life happen, life is always in the right. A quote by Rilke. I have to remember this, frequently, as I pass through my days. If I’m in studio immersed in what’s before me, it all seems like YES, I’m in perfect agreement with this idea; however some time later I move into the public sphere and wonder what his idea could possibly mean.      Last evening I watched a movie called ”My Reincarnation”, a documentary by Jennifer Fox. It asked all the potent questions about how to proceed living life. One of the statements from it that really stuck to me is, “The true nature of mind does not derive from effort.” If I understand this, to me it means standing in the creative flow, allowing the images, the creative pieces to emerge before me. Making nothing happen but providing a clear and ready point of beginning. An expectant being present, not exactly waiting, but ready to begin.

Well, I think that bit of writing went well. Writing is a foreign medium but this blog format has become a place to begin this medium as well.  On into the next cycle we go!

Temari on a Winter Day

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Cool and darker everyday. Silver and grey as the bare tree limbs, icy blue as the water is today. To me these complex matrix patterns are just a reflection of what’s hibernating under the soil and behind the bark and fallen leaves; disintegrating into forest floor mulch to be perfect food for new spring time growth.  Sometimes I’m right there myself, everything coming together, right place, right time, right chemistry.  Then, Blammo! The new and exciting emerges from the duff. Winter Temari

Temari, a new pattern for me.

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I have been tracking this all over swirls pattern since I started making  Temari.  I just couldn’t sort it out till three days ago. What is it about the brain? You see something and look again and again at it, not quite getting the ‘how’ of it. All of a sudden that light pops on or the bell sounds. As a first it turned out really well, 3” diameter, done with a variegated color strand that finally found it’s purpose.