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Green Ribbon Temari A Hybrid Species

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IMG_2259IMG_2260C 10 Temari structure, Icosidodecahedron. 11” diameter. 89.5 cm. circum.  Wool felt skin, ribbon trim, beaded medallions. Beaded Temari Ball. I wanted to get bigger again. To me size does matter. The presence that travels with the big spheres really blows big wind up my skirt.

I listened to a documentary while working this ball,  about Seymour Bernstein. A  gifted teacher and music composer. His relationships with students of all disciplines was brilliant, his guidance spot on. One of his quotes, “I never dream’t that with my own two hands I could touch the sky”. These words touch me deeply as I feel the same about the creative manifestations that pass through my hands and enter this realm, our 3D world. Repeatedly I feel this same gratitude and reverance with every piece of hand work that appears before me.

Brilliant Fall Display

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painting_orcas_maple-full1This beaded painted opened in a show Friday evening. The Edge of Orcas, a mixed group of people showing their work. The event has been a popular and interesting experience each October for several years now. It’s really fun and exciting  when many talented artists  gather together to show new work. Pieces that may not ”fit” their known or expected directions. There’s always a buzz in the room and this year was full of expectation and humor and delight.

The Orcas Big Leaf Maple was one of two pieces I brought to the show. It begins at a single bead point several inches above the stem; then the circular rows grow as colors and changes of color develop. It’s an interesting process to see only what’s already ‘done’ as the guide, trusting in the eye and skills to keep the new territories of it in focus. Framed in a rich deep red brushed metal that really makes the whole pop against the turquoise, it pleases me in every way.  I hope the magic and mystery of Fall Season circles around you and lifts you up.

Complexity of Void

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IMG_2069 This beaded sphere was started 4.5 years ago. It was just over halfway done with just the foreground figures complete. It went on the shelf at that time as I was just learning how to make Temari. I became totally infatuated with the new medium and  more or less have done nothing else but Temari since then. Every so often I would take down and uncover this, thinking, just finish it. However back on the shelf it went. A month ago I went to house sit across the island and this is what I took with me, determined to finally complete the sphere. So, 6 weeks and 250 hrs. later, this 14.5” diameter fully beaded sphere is complete. That feels great! The over-all project on this 660 sq. in. surface area takes more or less 1 hour per sq. in. Spirals of each form oppose each other, all forms spin off into the void. Void being not at all an empty place but something full of particles in motion. 1st Step was to make the sphere, the skin is reinforced wool felt stuffed with polyfil batting. The geometric form used is the ‘truncated icosahedron’. Pentagons and hexagons sewn together in sequence to form the sphere. IMG_2072

Deer Leg Bag

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A new “Traditional” bag made from deer skin legs with the hair and dew claws still on. Deer skin, brain tanned deer skin, wool, glass seed beads, brass bits, antique trade era beads, mink tails. Hand stitched in all ways with braided shoulder strap. Size is 20” long x 11” wide.


Bison Bag

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A new “Traditional” bag just finished. I love this combination of materials. Skin, fur, wool and beads. Something about the medium brings up memories and pictures of another life and time.  Bison hide, brain tan deer skin, wool, glass seed beads, brass gew gaws, antique trade beads, bone beads, antique coins and bells. Bag size is 15” long with fringe x 11” wide with the center rosette 3.5” diameter. Mix them all together and beauty just seems to happen. IMG_1115

Landscape Valance Panels

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These three panels are the first section of a new window dressing project. Each panel is 8” H x 45”  W. Made using ulta-suede, then painted with bead work tree details added to the foreground.  Rod pockets across the top of each are the hanging method which allows the whole to be one long land scape.Schuler Landscape Panels (2)Schuler Landscape Panels (1)Schuler Landscape Panels (3)

Bee Gift Box

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A recent commission, this bee box is 6” across. The top bee symbol is beaded using an iridescent bead for the wings, the sides are painted. The interior is padded and covered in cotton with a removable three armed divider. It is a gift for a special person who is a bee keeper. Cut and fire polished beads complete the the lid detail. The colors are favorites of the recipient and the overall color pallet is defined by this. Deep red, soft purple, ocher and aqua. Cut beads through out the whole add a quiet sparkle as the light shines over the surface.