A Jewel clears the Fallow Fog

all-my-temari-new-pink-and-green-2 all-my-temari-new-pink-and-green-5This new Temari comes through the fallow fog that has been surrounding me for several months. It is 39 cm. circumference, A C10 with 12 centers and 2 layers of pattern. It joins a growing number of ‘friends’ in the Pink and Green group.

The fallow fog has me wondering what, how, when, and every other question about my well being. It has been rare to feel so alien to my out pouring of creative energy and its manifestations. A general loss of focus since Mid-July. Reading and escapism through movies, walking, napping and just feeling unattached to most everything. A middle land of not bad-not good-just foggy. No drama. The ultimate perennial questions of who am I, what am I doing, why am I here, etc, etc, etc. A round and again, certainly not my first adventure into this foggy landscape. It seems to have slipped in under the door and will, of course, slip out at some point. No forcing it, trying to alter the fog doesn’t seem to help either. Waiting and being present when I can manage that is what’s current. Daily maintenance, slave jobs, etc, pass through but finding ”meaning” in anything just isn’t happening.

Fallow times, or those resting pauses are far harder for me than when actively engaged in whatever is before me. Probably true for most of us. Quiet repose when I want it is not the same as finding me in the foggy place by happenstance. Well, as we all know, this too shall pass in it’s own way and time. Relax and float through, quit asking to understand, be present in this and every moment. I know all those platitudes in mind and by heart, they have carried me through the thick of things many times along the way.  I just wish…………………

4 Responses to “A Jewel clears the Fallow Fog”

  1. Enjoy your break. I often turn to another hobby or activity and so far, have come back to stitching temari with a whole new interest. Maybe you are burned out. Me too at the moment. Your pinks and greens are yummy.

  2. Thanks for the connection, as my mind loop of ‘get it together’ can be relentless. When just being in the paucity is the be here now rightness to hold at center.

  3. Danielle Evans Says:

    I’ve just spent the day looking through your work and reading your stories. I connect hugely with your work (your colour combos are wonderful) and thank you for sharing. I can also relate to how you must be feeling now. Without knowing exactly the situation I feel your loss and confusion over creating. I hope that your time out has been helpful and won’t last too long. My art has saved me through some horrible times and have even had to resort to just throwing paint at paper sometime to get my release, to stop the mind loop.
    All the best,

  4. Your Temari work is awe-imspiring, I have spent hours looking and reding, and I want to return to read more. I am very new with Temri work. Tried it a long time ago but it keep calling out to me to come back. Now I have so very much to learn and will learn bits as I move forward I hope. With guides like yourself, Barb Suess and others to shine the light, I hope one day to have as graceful and elegant pieces of art work to share with others, Thank you for this blog. I will be back.

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