Complexity of Void

IMG_2069 This beaded sphere was started 4.5 years ago. It was just over halfway done with just the foreground figures complete. It went on the shelf at that time as I was just learning how to make Temari. I became totally infatuated with the new medium and  more or less have done nothing else but Temari since then. Every so often I would take down and uncover this, thinking, just finish it. However back on the shelf it went. A month ago I went to house sit across the island and this is what I took with me, determined to finally complete the sphere. So, 6 weeks and 250 hrs. later, this 14.5” diameter fully beaded sphere is complete. That feels great! The over-all project on this 660 sq. in. surface area takes more or less 1 hour per sq. in. Spirals of each form oppose each other, all forms spin off into the void. Void being not at all an empty place but something full of particles in motion. 1st Step was to make the sphere, the skin is reinforced wool felt stuffed with polyfil batting. The geometric form used is the ‘truncated icosahedron’. Pentagons and hexagons sewn together in sequence to form the sphere. IMG_2072


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