Retreat With Ram Dass and Friends

Painting in the Round Lotus (2)My online retreat with Ram Dass and friends is here with me. I’ve come away with some lines of dialogue and sharing that help me and focus me to “ponder the infinite”. My lists begins below. What do you connect with?

The absence of something is also the presence of the same something…

Stirring the ashes, literally and spiritually

Pathological Altruism

the real death is the death of ego, so relax….

A reluctant prophet of love…

I am loving awareness…

radical not knowingness…inevitable sweetness…

deep acceptance of impermanence

do your best with no attachment to outcome

don’t believe everything I/you think

not this, not that, not neither, not both…

become the loving rock

what you seek is seeking you

I’m still here…

when you die, before you die, you do not die, when you die

the power of being perceived as who I really am

Love Serve Remember,



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