Temari’s Many Pillows

IMG_2024 IMG_2026Simple Division, many centers. 6” diameter “Pillows”, linked up, chained together. Such a simple little form. Looking through Diana Vandervoort’s Temari Gifts book I found the pillows form. Multiplied and chained together they become a lovely pattern and design. And, oh yes, there are many ‘irregularities’ in each ones shape. Those irregularities are part and parcel of hand work, at least for me. I love the N-S poles star that joins them together in a complete net. My western mindset argues that each center must be a perfect match to every other, while my wholeness mindset posets that it’s the cracks showing up that are where the light shines through.  This age old dilemma repeatedly shows up in my life’s experience. How about yours?


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