A New Learning

IMG_2021 IMG_2022A new learning piece from master teacher, Temari artist, Barb Suess. Challenging at every level, from size and complexity of structures on the surface to choosing to work in a different colorway than the original instruction. All the learning questions and basic insecurities of trying something for the first time were present from start to finish. It’s overall appearance has a whole other pattern emphasis than the original. One of the great things about stepping up to a new challenge in skills is not knowing where will it take me next. How will overcoming the doubts that were a constant companion throughout the process show up from here on out? What other forms and patterns will show themselves when using 42 design centers next?  What will the added confidence and experience of completing this one do to influence new work? I guess that’s all part of the fun, now that it’s complete. In the middle of the work,  the flow of the fun part was kind of lost to just keeping my mind above the inner critical voice chatter.

Even though ‘seeing’ the areas which need more experience, practice and attention I love the results. Now that it sits next to me on my work table, finished, I can attend to it in a different way. As time passes, allowing new eyes to look at it and evaluate rather than criticise will bring all aspects of the learning home.


2 Responses to “A New Learning”

  1. So beautiful!
    Although, It looks so hard.

    I look forward intensively all your great artworks.

    Best wishes for you and your creative adventures, ❤

    • As you are yourself aware those ”flights” we take above and beyond our little ‘self’ are what allows the light to shine through. We toil, we struggle with essence, we argue inside ourselves, then, only then do we get to ride in the light. Thanks for connecting to me. Just a thumb up says little to me but someone being willing to engage means everything.

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