Temari Pinks & Greens

IMG_1722Healing colors appeared in my field during a run of emotional-spiritual trugging during January-February. Slog, slog, slog. That’s what it felt like. Little brightness in any direction. Physical body issues as well. All in all a humbling month or so. Just trying to feel I was keeping myself above the water line. The life saver was somehow being able to remain centered in this amazing art form. 3.75 to 6+ inches diameter. Layers and interwoven layers, complexity to my heart’s content.

A survival tool is this needlework form, at least for me. All else may seem nothing short of difficult and bleak, then there is this drive from the inner director to engage in art no matter what else is going on. That is my center point. This round and every other period of floundering has at the core the means of new movement. Temari has carried me through all the messy parts of being alive, in  previous rounds of confused wandering other art mediums have done the same for me. I am grateful for this life saver which shows up in whatever form just when needed. Any gaps are due to me not yet ready to step out of the wallow.


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