Temari and Those C8 Corners and Angles

All My Temari C8 Corners and Angles (2)Yes the patterns are the same, working diamonds, squares and triangles. 3 patterns over 22 centers, striped bands in layers and inter-woven forms, allowing the matte thread surface to make an additional color accent. 3.75” to 4.13” diameter. Puzzles and tangles are quite familiar territory for me over the last few months. The under surface of things is a good bit tangled and ”matted” while the finer surface of the top layer is in order and appears to the eye orderly and ‘together’. Um, yes, that about covers it. The tightly matted under structure, lines going every which way is the best foundation in Temari but in life it feels rather uncertain for me.

The whole appears to be insync and yet something foggy lingers around all the corners and angles. That’s about it for life these days at my party. Perhaps I’m stuck in a box that has the idea that something certain and identifiable is always on the table. Then when it’s not any of those things, how can I know what’s coming next.  Or do I want to know? Or, since uncertainty is the pool we all swim in, why allow the ‘stuckness’ to grab hold? Or, just enjoy the ride, the peaks and the valleys? The endless loop, yes?


2 Responses to “Temari and Those C8 Corners and Angles”

  1. I admire your work and your colors and your choices. It has been my experience that nothing is going to work out exactly as someone else’s. Whenever I hit a wall I take a left turn and somehow it all comes out right.

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