Tri-Wing Mother Ball & Friends

IMG_1668IMG_1669The biggest Tri-wing @ 51.2 cm, 6.5” diameter. I’m pleased from all directions with this mother ball. Outward appearance  has balance between size and complexity, color relationships are just right to my eye, the increased use of the shiny threads comes from looking at my Japanese Temari Books and seeing the consistent and plentiful use of the metallic threads. So, I’m now bolder with the shiny stuff, and I like it! Very cool.

The strong glowing yellow base color was a treat to work with. I like to see one pattern floating over an entirely separate and different pattern and this combination does so beautifully.

One of the Temari must-do’s, that of grooming threads as I go and again after I complete is now a step that just happens. In the group picture above there are Tri-Wing forms from the past 3 years, so there are those places where I didn’t know or do so. Now I see a division in skill and results. Those worked ”before” and those “after” bonding with grooming.

There are C8’s, C6’s and C12 in the shown work here. What a diverse creature this design with 3 arms turns out to be.


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