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Dandelion Fever + 1

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There was one more addition lurking under the fall leaves. I love this set of Temari. Pattern and color are my playing field. Seeing the variations in line and color is very pleasing to my eye. This medium is a ”happy activity” in all ways. My brain seems to be perking along the best when immersed in it. The odd thing is that color group never really matters, so it must be the close contact of pathways moving in so many directions.  This last and final member,(I think), really fits also with a bit a guidance I read on a Temari site recently. “Knowing when to stop” is as important as the over-all continuity. That knowing is relative to everything one does, no matter the art medium, the activity, the service offered, or the words spoken.  This current ball was at a stage where choosing much more complex inter-connections between patterns needed to be decided. Several days went by in waiting for the spark to illuminate how proceeding would go. Then, in reading that comment the decision was made. ”Keep it simple”.  It is just right and a good contrast to the complexity of its partners. All My Temari Dandelion Fever--Last (1)

Last of the Dahlia Dazzlers

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Dew drop collectors? Fountain of life? Oh yes! Dazzler of the season. IMG_1637 - Copy

Polar Star Temari

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Water , ice, heat. Season’s changing climate. 6.25” diameter. 6 separate patterns make up the whole of it. From the blank slate of mind do dreams come into being. Started in the middle and worked to the poles. Really fun to see it emerge. IMG_1650 IMG_1649