Happy Accident

All My Temari 9-19-14 (2)The current series of three Temari is titled  “Happy Accident”  because of their inception. I started the thread wrap using a ten strand assortment of thread spools. Trying to use up a few partial cones. The color palette was really pleasing to my eye so I decided to do the final wrap using one of each dominant color. Pinks, khaki, orange, yellows.  Each one takes a dominant direction. The additional “accident” is the 2  layers of the main patterns in the largest sphere. I’m delighted with how the combination of pattern lines plays together. Getting down with pink has always been a challenge for me and the success in this episode is grand I think. Sphere’s are 5.25” diam., 4.35” diam., 4” diam. C10, C8, C6, all interesting divisions. The largest has four different degrees of design to it. 2 main patterns inter-layed, 2 smaller centers accented. Couldn’t ‘see’ the whole before hand so it’s development came in the doing not by planned intention.

Threes years into the art of making Temari and I’m still infatuated with the form, patterns and color play.  Spheres have been a focus in my work for decades now, painted, beaded, embroidered. I sense no end in sight.


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