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August is a Fine Needler’s Fancy

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All My Temari 8-31-2014 (13)Time passes here on the island. Everything is streaming through and around my needles attention. The mind gym for me is pattern and color, be it bead embroidery or  embroidery such as Japanese thread balls known as  Temari. “Seeing”  the pattern suggest itself when the sphere sits before me on the table is part of the pause inherent in process. The new marking I’m playing with more here  is called C6. Different in many ways from more complex markings as some of the pattern it makes is always out of view. It has lots in common with the tetrahedon,  a geometric solid having 4 equilateral triangular faces. Here also are 4 triangular faces but the sides are very much a curve with 3 faces showing at any apex. There are other forms emerging as well and further investigation into making each combination dominant is down the line.

In a world that is more and more automated everything, fast paced even when not relative to the task, I’m never more centered-happy-in tune than making small stitches. Pulling needle and thread into some brilliant apparition before my eyes is the candy I crave. Little else seems to matter in the truth of it.

July’s Beauty Balls

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All My Temari 2014 (3)Make art, stay alive, smoodge all the remaining details of living. Seems like that’s just enough.