June’s Bounty Carries Tender Mercies.

IMG_1530The joy of creating is the ”medium” in which life flows for me. Fine needlework has guided my days for most of my life. It’s form has changed every so often but pulling that  simple needle and thread by hand  has been the constant. This past month has been full of not only new and gorgeous Temari but once again working around and through very tender emotional pools. Old and new have been mixing together and I now know that “loss is loss is loss”. There is no better or worse to it, no separation by which one has more importance or another  is more juicy. The heart aches period.  Sometimes the brightest lights dim and move beyond our daily here and now of  holding them close. There are so many ways that deep and profound love shows up, trying to make definitions about what it actually is becomes a pointless exercise. So, for all the beings, two legged and four legged who brought  joy along with them as they blended into my days, my gratitude in the knowing of each of you is endless. You will be missed and yet never really gone. My mind has many ”snapshots” of moments that can move me from laughter to tears and back again to laughter. Doesn’t yours?


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