Dandelion Fever

IMG_1423More, and more the Temari just pours through. Spring and dandelions every where are now growing at my studio table. That yellow and green of the lowly-weedy plant, offers us a dazzle of sunshine.
Good to eat as well, oh yes.  These forms keep flowing in and out. Corners and spaces, layers and layers of structure make an amazing finish. Feels like my bowl has lots of candy in it these days. Now why this should be more notable today, this week, this month, than other times is the curious question. I’m thinking that the bowl is quite probably always full, only my thoughts that get small and empty at times.  Have discovered great new music I adore, Snatam Kaur. Can listen endlessly and drift across my energetic field, playing in pools of color and pattern. Such joy is pouring in, Temari my ”brain candy” is stronger than ever before, my usual petty tyrants have gone to ground. So, and so some more. Life is Good.


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