Temari and A New Russian Friend

All my Temari Natahlias Pattern (3) All my Temari Natahlias Pattern (4)This wonderful new Temari pattern is the product of a new connection for me. Just before Christmas I got an email from a woman in Russia complimenting and admiring my published work that she’d seen on the internet through WordPress and Flickr . Wow, so cool it blows big wind up my skirt. We have been figuring out how to continue on by cutting and pasting dialogue with google translate, sending pictures, sending links to relevant sites. I know that I am having fantasy travel plans to Central Russia to become an “artist in residence” with her. This Temari is 38cm in circumference, big and bold. As a friend just said to me, it looks like a big spider is crawling over the surface. 2 full layers of pattern make this one really hum.


2 Responses to “Temari and A New Russian Friend”

  1. Наталья Says:

    Джуди! Он очаровательный!

  2. Keiko Whatley Says:

    Wow you inspired me to be better at what I’m doing.
    Thank you.

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