I’d like to see….

The Visionary

The Visionary

The Visionary Mask is new. 36” h x 18” w x 5” d.  Very nicely 3d.  Assorted mixed media, painted and hand sewn. The main features of this piece have been gathering for exposure some years now. The tubing and it’s iron strap armature were made and combined probably 30 years ago in another life. The mask came maybe 15 years later. 5 years ago pawing through my working materials the tubing and mask joined together to hang on the wall for 5 more years.   3 weeks ago , once again pawing through, the rubber monster gloves, the spider, some paint and Bison hair jumped up and said pick me and finish it!  So I did!  It’s first showing is in the Edge of Orcas group show here on the island, entertaining the masses so I hear. Coolness.

I’ve wondered for some years now, what a Visionary is. Is it looking in for focus or looking out for expansion? Is it the far-seeing view or the close detail? A bit of a conundrum, indeed.


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