Good Design

Once again I am sharing the ideas of another. They resonate and move me to see more clearly my own role in this human history we are all creating.

“Good design is one of the most critical needs at this point in human history, not only practiced by  those who are called designers but by society as a whole. We need a wider awareness of the need for good design in all elements of life, and we need to encourage all people to take part.  The finest design for society will not be one worked up by specialists but a design created by the people themselves to fit their needs.  Planners and designers are needed, but to help, not preempt the democratic work of creating a new society.”

“Only as all members of society become aware of their right and obligation to take part in designing the world of the future–and comprehend the need for everyone to take part, knowing that their efforts are truly welcome and necessary–only then can a genuine democracy exist.”

Exerted from.  “A Hand Made Life,”  by Wm. S. Coperthwaite


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