What I would really like.

Being fairly new at the ”blog thing”, I keep having the same question pop up. Never having seen myself as a written word person, I have received numerous LIKE returns from various postings. That feels good. I have to admit that it also offers no engagement in any real dialogue and I had/am, hoping that since the door is now open that someone or someones will enter into a real exchange.

Have we forgotten our essential language and communication skills? Are we, is the world so frigging ”busy” that a pause to share minds and hearts is obsolete?  Each of you who has clicked the button moves in areas of interest amazingly diverse. It is very cool to go to each link and see a bit about who you are.

There seem to be a lot of contemplative thoughts racing through this day. Writing anything, getting it out of my mind’s loop surprises me each and every time it occurs.

My artwork uses symbols to communicate in a variety of ways, even to the use of words themselves being the  visual cues.  Just words to make communication happen, to paint the idea, that is a whole new direction. I love to read, material of consequence and the fluffy; each filling it’s time and place perfectly. Perhaps somebody out there will indeed engage.

http://www.starhandarts.com, that’s me!


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