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Good Design

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Once again I am sharing the ideas of another. They resonate and move me to see more clearly my own role in this human history we are all creating.

“Good design is one of the most critical needs at this point in human history, not only practiced by  those who are called designers but by society as a whole. We need a wider awareness of the need for good design in all elements of life, and we need to encourage all people to take part.  The finest design for society will not be one worked up by specialists but a design created by the people themselves to fit their needs.  Planners and designers are needed, but to help, not preempt the democratic work of creating a new society.”

“Only as all members of society become aware of their right and obligation to take part in designing the world of the future–and comprehend the need for everyone to take part, knowing that their efforts are truly welcome and necessary–only then can a genuine democracy exist.”

Exerted from.  “A Hand Made Life,”  by Wm. S. Coperthwaite

What I would really like.

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Being fairly new at the ”blog thing”, I keep having the same question pop up. Never having seen myself as a written word person, I have received numerous LIKE returns from various postings. That feels good. I have to admit that it also offers no engagement in any real dialogue and I had/am, hoping that since the door is now open that someone or someones will enter into a real exchange.

Have we forgotten our essential language and communication skills? Are we, is the world so frigging ”busy” that a pause to share minds and hearts is obsolete?  Each of you who has clicked the button moves in areas of interest amazingly diverse. It is very cool to go to each link and see a bit about who you are.

There seem to be a lot of contemplative thoughts racing through this day. Writing anything, getting it out of my mind’s loop surprises me each and every time it occurs.

My artwork uses symbols to communicate in a variety of ways, even to the use of words themselves being the  visual cues.  Just words to make communication happen, to paint the idea, that is a whole new direction. I love to read, material of consequence and the fluffy; each filling it’s time and place perfectly. Perhaps somebody out there will indeed engage., that’s me!

Pondering on the meaning of life in this society.

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To make public protests against an evil, and yet live dependent on and in support of a way of life that is the source of the evil, is an obvious contradiction and a dangerous one. If one disagrees with the nomadism and violence of our society, then one is under an obligation to take up some permanent dwelling place and cultivate the possibility of peace and harmlessness in it. If one deplores the destructiveness and wastefulness of the economy, then one is under an obligation to live as far out on the margin of the economy as one is able: to be as economically independent of exploitative industries, to learn to need less, to waste less, to make things last, to give up meaningless luxuries, to understand and resist the language of salesmen and public relations experts, to see through attractive packages, to refuse to purchase fashion or glamour or prestige. If one feels endangered by meaninglessness, then one is under an obligation to refuse meaningless pleasures and to resist meaningless work, and to give the moral comfort and the excuses of the mentality of specialization.

Wendell Berry’s words, exerted from “A Handmade Life”, by Wm S. Coperthwaite

The contemplation of these words and philosophy returns to me every few years it seems. How do I engage my life inside these ideals? How do I become centered in a more ‘whole’ circle of life? How can I become clear and clean again of the blanket that society keeps tucking in tightly around my every action and thought? Perhaps this holiday we call “Labor Day” has brought into my focal range the need to again look deeply into my own decisions and patterns. Again asking those potent questions, again placing a wake up call to myself.