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Susan’s Moccasins

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Custom hand made moccasins. Brain tan Moose hide, glass seed bead embroidery.  A large top apron of hide is the design surface. Hand sewn through out.  Japanese cherry blossoms are the theme that this design is based around, so pinks in various hue’s with greens to join it all together. IMG_0934 IMG_0935

Landscape Valance Panels

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These three panels are the first section of a new window dressing project. Each panel is 8” H x 45”  W. Made using ulta-suede, then painted with bead work tree details added to the foreground.  Rod pockets across the top of each are the hanging method which allows the whole to be one long land scape.Schuler Landscape Panels (2)Schuler Landscape Panels (1)Schuler Landscape Panels (3)