Temari, More Variegation.

These are the latest Temari, they are  playing with variegated thread wrap and making the patterns at the poles compete for dominance on the larger one at 3.25” dia.  It was an interesting challenge and in person it works. Photographing  3 dimensional work is itself a challenge.  The red 8 pt. star clearly moves forward but with the slightest change in light and position the yellow underneath it is dominant. Cool. The smaller on the right is 2.5” dia. and laid on one row at a time over each center which forms the conjunction of diamonds at each intersection. Geometry, light and dark, pattern and line is intrinsic to Temari and a joy to play with.
All My Temari 1-5-13 (1)All My Temari 1-5-13 (3)


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