Christmas Day Temari

Collages1Let life happen, life is always in the right. A quote by Rilke. I have to remember this, frequently, as I pass through my days. If I’m in studio immersed in what’s before me, it all seems like YES, I’m in perfect agreement with this idea; however some time later I move into the public sphere and wonder what his idea could possibly mean.      Last evening I watched a movie called ”My Reincarnation”, a documentary by Jennifer Fox. It asked all the potent questions about how to proceed living life. One of the statements from it that really stuck to me is, “The true nature of mind does not derive from effort.” If I understand this, to me it means standing in the creative flow, allowing the images, the creative pieces to emerge before me. Making nothing happen but providing a clear and ready point of beginning. An expectant being present, not exactly waiting, but ready to begin.

Well, I think that bit of writing went well. Writing is a foreign medium but this blog format has become a place to begin this medium as well.  On into the next cycle we go!


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