Every moment of experience is contingent on a vast complex of myriad conditions. Nothing exists in and of itself as ‘this’ or ‘that,’ ‘self’ or ‘other.’ Everything is what it is only in relation to what it is not. To recognize this emptiness is not to negate things but to glimpse what enables anything to happen at all.

– Stephen Batchelor, “Nagarjuna’s Verses

I have a friend who sent me this quote recently. She sat holding and contemplating her new Temari.  We met through a mutual friend who has suggested contact for years now. It is an interesting mesh work of complexity that peoples lives come into intersection. As the lines of Temari intersect at certain points across each sphere certain patterns begin to show up. Each designs complex and complete features are contingent upon what you have done just before and just after the moment that stands present. Oh gosh, philosophy along with needlework. 
Variegated Thread Temari (5)
the Center”


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