Temari, the Geometry of 5 & 3.

The design possibilities of combining 5 and 3 are the exploration here. Some are over layered, some are interwoven, some both on the same sphere. Numbers and forms dominate the designs. 12 and 32 centers show up. #1, governs the cosmos, creativity, capacity. #5, pentagon, Earth, divine breath, spirit, tree of life. #3, heavens, unity of oneness/duality equation. #32, justice. It’s an interesting exploration of numbers. All range from 3.5” diameter up to 4.5” diameter.  This is the heart of mathematics for me. It is also my happy place. Deep into the creative pool with little outer interference is my place of choice I guess.   


2 Responses to “Temari, the Geometry of 5 & 3.”

  1. marinus en sandra Says:

    Dear Judy Tepley,

    Thank you for your post. Since last week I found your website and i am happy about that. It’s so good to read about people who struggle and love the same. I love making temari and working with other textile, but sometimes problems finding the peace to work at is.

    Have a good day, Sandra Moek the Netherlands

  2. Julie Pactor Says:

    I LOVE your sense of color, not to mention the precision of your temari. Lovely. 🙂

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