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Temari, the Geometry of 5 & 3.

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The design possibilities of combining 5 and 3 are the exploration here. Some are over layered, some are interwoven, some both on the same sphere. Numbers and forms dominate the designs. 12 and 32 centers show up. #1, governs the cosmos, creativity, capacity. #5, pentagon, Earth, divine breath, spirit, tree of life. #3, heavens, unity of oneness/duality equation. #32, justice. It’s an interesting exploration of numbers. All range from 3.5” diameter up to 4.5” diameter.  This is the heart of mathematics for me. It is also my happy place. Deep into the creative pool with little outer interference is my place of choice I guess.   

Finding Peace?

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 A friend recently sent this quote to me after I spoke with her about my difficulty with finding solace in the worldly places of day to day. I haven’t been doing very well at that. The outer places and relationships seem to activate a lot of intolerance for me. Irrational intolerance to be sure. Staying home, away, deep into whatever my current creative focus is, seems to filter out all the stupid-human-worldly-shite that swarms after walking out the door. Walking and reading both are my friends through this.  The quote by Abraham below is a hefty proposition for me. I can’t seem to find my way any more in the outer world.

When we say to you, make peace with where you are, we want you to make peace with where everyone is; we want you to make peace with the world events; we want you to make peace with where your friend is in relationship with where your friend wants to be. We want it to be all right with you where anybody is.”

— Abraham (through Esther Hicks)

Temari-Water Series

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The newest group of Temari is this watery bunch. 3.5” to 4.5” diameters, each flows into and around the others. Depending on the light here on the island the surrounding water can be many variations and shades of this cool feeling palette. Perhaps these might be favorites but then I feel that toward each new Temari that comes to my table. I just love all the ways similar colors come together working in this medium.