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Long Beach Project

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The hide panel on the left is a suede deer skin about 7 ft wide by 18” deep with an asymmetrical assortment of green glass beads strung onto ties that hold the panel to the rod. It hides the stacked Venetian blind at window top. The word wall shown to the right with various phrases is a visual privacy barrier on an outer deck area. In most cases drift wood was the base material, then painted,  the idea being that it will just weather and change and age as time passes. 

Long Beach Window Skins

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Hide curtains made from a thin drape able cow hide. Unlined. Hand pieced and tied across the pole sleeve at the top. Deer antler sliced into buttons accents the fastening of the panel to the rod. Hand braided tie backs.  Red beads add a bit of color. The uneven edges of the hide are the finish at every edge.  

More Temari Fun

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The winter’s long hours have become my current fascination with the medium of Temari. I am teaching myself from books and it is proceeding well. Mistakes? Many. Irregularities? Even more. Learning to accept the slow progression to mastery this and every medium seems to require. Fun at all stages. Color play being a joy. Pattern and contrast, understanding geometry at a deeper level than ever before, and the redoing and repeating a technique till I get it, each part is intrinsic to becoming better at this way of creating eye candy. Individual design components are lining up in an expected way even when the desire for perfection is elusive. Clearly the path begins right where I am and I’ve taken the first needed steps to be in motion. JT