Beaded Temari 3

This sphere is made using a geometric  form called icosadodecahedron.  A combination of pentagram and equilateral triangle.  The surface design grid is translated from a pattern used in the world of Temari.  It is 7” in diameter. Hand made form and beaded directly into the surface.


7 Responses to “Beaded Temari 3”

  1. Incredible. I’ve not seen this art form before. I found your site from a link on facebook from a beading buddy. Your work is beautiful.

    • Pam, I’m not used to linking return mail from my wordpress. I just today noticed your link comment and wonder who has listed me as I don’t do facebook at all. Curious I guess. I have been beading spheres for many years now in all sizes but just this past yr. I began to learn the Temari needlework. The geometrical nature of the design process for Temari crosses beautifully over into setting the design grid for beading the surface patterns I love to do for the spheres. I do love the story telling ones but somehow the geometric grid ones are like candy for my brain. Hope to hear from you. Judy

      • I can link any site to Facebook if I want to. The site does not have to be a member.

        I am VP of the Oklahoma Bead Society and when any of us find something truly different and amazing, we like to share on the Ok Bead Society FB page. In this case, Ayana found you (she posted in your comment section. ) She mentioned you several times in person also. Judy, your work is fantastic.

      • Thanks for this, I am isolated here by the island, but look on the net when I hear of things of course. I’m going right now to look up the OK bead society. Judy

  2. Your beaded Temari are gorgeous! Will you do a tutorial or a book to explain how to create the forms or choose the patterns? I know I’d look forward to purchasing a lesson from or!

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