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Frog Guru

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In the round series 5 is the appearance of the Frog Guru. Every so often through all the years of art work a new frog appears before me. They just ARE, going through life finding the essentials for being.  Me too, in my way. Stillness,  then motion, then stillness again; allowing life to flow by before me. At rest in awareness.

Structure-Form- Balance

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The number 6 has to do with structure, form, function, balance in all things. Union.  As above-so below. Found repeatedly throughout the natural world. I love the whirling stars design, also the space between them. This could be  the infinite space that surrounds us all. Is it philosophy, mathematics or science? All three in union is my thought.

LUCRE: The Search for Perfection

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Circle Painting #3, 22” dia. Lucre or gain in the ever lasting search for the perfect hand pulled brush stroke. How much perfection is enough? Where is the line? Who established the criteria that determines this line? Did the criteria change when machines began to paint rather than the Human Being?  I’ve learned at times the hard way that me, myself and I, are the only worthy judge of where that line is for me.

Night Scent

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Circle Paintings # 2: 47” dia. painted on outdoor canvas stretched over a metal rim,  using acrylic paint. The rare and exotic four petal rose found only on Home Planet in the Humor Parlor star field. She finds union in all things through her Green Wing and Bee guardians.