Alien Deity

A work in progress.11.75'' dia. Wool felt skin, hand sewn with glass seed beads appliqued to the surface. 20 hexagrams and 12 pentagrams are sewn together to form the truncated-icosahedron or soccer ball. 3 armed forms of body-mind-spirit are surrounding the 5 armed forms of flowering consciousness. Concepts understood by every vibrating form of the universe. Sure do love the honey making place.


2 Responses to “Alien Deity”

  1. Chichanya Says:

    I’m from Thailand. I want to know history about the grand design of temari to begin on the world. (ex:from what flower or star)etc. Temari is my inspiration to present and design something sent to my professor. Please answer to me. And sorry for my English skill.

    • Chichanya, the origin of Temari most recently, the last few hundred years is Japanese. Prior to that I’m sure it came from China. Look up Temari Balls through google. I taught myself from books, both the beading and Temari. I have done needle work of one kind or another for many years, that helps to tranfer the skills needed for the sphere’s.The Alien Deity Ball is not Temari, it is hand sewn seed beads over the surface of a wool felt hand sewn sphere. It’s design is primarily using the numbers 5 & 3. They make up the formula that when all pieces are sewn together become a sphere. The actual design was simply a way to make the star forms which I use a lot conform to this grid pattern. All about geometry actually. Can you give me a more complete description of what you need to know. The medium of Temari is using threads only. Winding a core sphere, perfectly round, then plotting a grid over the surface. A each apex where the lines intersect becomes a design feature. The very first book on Temari that got me started was in Japanese so I was only able to look at the pictures. If you can find at a library or order through the internet a beginners book on the Art of Temari it is the best way to begin. If you happen to have a live teacher to work with, even better. Judy

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