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Beaded stethoscopes

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Every year since the early 90’s there has been a beaded stethoscope awarded to the Nurse of the Year at St. John’s Hospital, Jackson, WY. There have been others that have traveled both near and far: Africa, Australia, Boston and New York. They are contract artwork given by a doctor in Jackson to be awarded for exemplary service. The sight of all or each of them at the hospital facility is lovely. I have heard people say how it made the experience of their medical necessity eaiser, to see this beautiful scope reaching out to touch them. It is a heart to heart connection from beginning to end. The whole cycle of its presence is a heart connection. From the hospital to the recipient to the maker of it to each patient.

There are a variety of cost factors to making one. The price range of the instrument itself, supplied by you; the style of the scope and the length of the tubing to be covered. My part, the beading, could be from $500.00 to $800.00 plus S&H. Please feel free to contact me for more information about commissioning a stethoscope.

Vibrations Project

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Images are 8”x10”
Finished framed size is 12”x14”
$108.00 each

They are the result of the ideas of “nothing is as it seems” and ‘everything is energy frequency’. If those two concepts are true(I believe that they are) then everything looks like a wave pattern, which in this case moves from the centers. So the original image-object is very different than our ideas about known things that we all agree to. It is the very same object but in its energetic face. You me and the all of everything becomes quite amazing, again. It also redefines the idea of limitless boarders for me. It reminds me that I am a continuous entity not bound by time or space. My rational mind is trying to catch up to the mental-spiritual plane that defines my world these days.