New work has wings

Fairy world wings

Wings, adult size 42″ long x 38″ wingspan. Hand painted on synthetic coated canvas. Each face front and back is different. Fairy world for grownups

Bee icosahedron

6″ diameter made of 20 equalateral triangles. Hand beaded on wool felt.

Polarities and Octad

Measures 20″ x 6″ x 7″ Padded armature with hand applied skin and fully beaded features, including vestigial wings and carnelian stone eyes.

Blue icosidodecahedron

6” in dia. Glass beads, brass spots, wool felt. Made with pentagons and equalateral triangles.

Blue Icosahedron

 20 equalateral triangles make this form and the intersection of its structural lines forms the grid on the surface.

Larger image

Larger image

Space Zoo Creature

Made from store purchased socks,wool felt, and buttons. Hand sewn and stuffed with polyfil.


Cone ball

Fully hand beaded 3-d form. 9″ tip to tip. Twelve cones over the surface.


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